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Full-Scale Project Commissions:
This section is for time-consuming projects only.  When ordering, please describe IN DETAIL your character references, possible scenarios, poses, etc. +50 points for a simple background, +25 for a background you've developed previous to paying (MLP backgrounds from the show, etc. MUST PROVIDE SOURCE FOR CREDIT) +100 points for complex background. PLEASE NOTE ME prior to buying.
A chest-up drawing. +50 for simple backgrounds, no complex backgrounds allowed.
Shaded Commissions:
Your character is fully shaded. +50 points for simple background, +100 for complex background.
Simple Colored Commissions:
Simple, unshaded commissions. +50 points for simple background, +100 for complex background.
Sketchy Commissions:
Hand-Drawn sketches. Unable to deliver at this current time!
Foal Design Commissions:
For foals of any species.
Non-Pony Design Commissions:
For Equestrian species other than ponies.
Pony Design commission:
Nextgens or Themes welcome!

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I want to buy a pacapillar! I am willing to do commissions for each Deviant who donates 30 or more points.

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Nextgen Bio: Razzle Dazzle
Here's another bio!! Hope you guys like this guy as much as I do.

Razzle Dazzle
"I love your mane! Your eyes are so pretty! Gosh Darnit, I love everything about ya!"
Occupation: Actor/performer
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Cis Male
Species: Unicorn
Residence: Ponyville

Parents: Pinkie Pie and (unknown) with Cheese Sandwich as adoptive father

    Razzle Dazzle is an extremely positive pony- he is constantly giving out compliments to those around him and going out of his way to make ponies happy.  He's a total mama's boy, though he loves his 'papa cheese' dearly, and is extremely dedicated to his family, including his younger siblings. 
    Razz shares some similarities with his mother, such as his love for making other ponies smile, but also differs extremely- he is much quieter and has trouble functioning in crowded spaces, and is way more introverted than both of his parents. He's also riddled with major anxiety; his thoughts are plagued with worst case scenarios and what-if's, severely hindering his confidence.  He loathes his short and chubby body, his scraggly sideburns, his extremely curly hair- the only feature he really takes pride in is his ability to perform.  He need constant reassurance and validation to function, but he hates asking for it because he feels as though he's supposed to be the one building people up.

Cutie Mark:
Razzle's Cutie Mark is a pink top hat with gold lace and a blue bow tie made of candy.  He earned it during his first school performance, singing his heart out and wowing the critics.  It resembles his ability to put on a mask and overcome his fear of the spotlight (at least temporarily). Critics who attended had their socks knocked off. Literally. Upon finishing his last bows, he noticed the crowd cheering even louder than before.  He spotted his mother and father in the crowd, who excitedly snapped a picture and began to wildly point at his flank.  Low and behold,  his cutie mark had appeared!

Little-Known Info:
:bulletblue: Razzle has severe OCD- everything must be in its place or he is unable to function.  He will spend hour after hour organizing and reorganizing until everything is practically perfect.  This causes him and his mother to clash periodically as a kid; Pinkie Pie tends to be more disorganized and chaotic, lacking a definite system or schedule.  Everything with her was spontaneous, and little Razz couldn't handle it.
:bulletpink: Razzle doesn't really like parties.  Sure, he'll "DO" them, but they're loud and crazy and just plain predictable.  There's only so much he can handle before shutting down.  However, with a couple hours to recharge, he is ready to face the outside world again.  
:bulletblue: Razz has many friends, but his closest by far is Lavender Tea, adopted daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin. She and him have been friends since foalhood, when she rescued and healed him after a vicious bully attack.  
:bulletpink: Razz was constantly bullied throughout his childhood. The predators only shied away after his big break as an Applewood Star.  Despite being somewhat famous due to his appearances in countless musicals, he tries his best to avoid the press and the fans.  Not that he doesn't want to meet them, he just doesn't know how to handle it and he's afraid he'll mess it all up.

Voice Actor:  TBA

OakHeart + Fluttershy Nextgen
This one's for PhantomPhoenixFrost, sorry for the delay! Hope you like.

"Once upon a time, beyond the mountains and across the sea, there was a lush forest full of mystery..."
Occupation: Botanist
Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Older ponies say that he's just a heavy drinker, but the younger fillies know the truth: Shamrock is a mystical pony with sight into the past, present, and future.  He tells stories of years ago and years ahead, captivating the minds of any child who hears.  He tells tales of dragons and heroes, of distant wars and ones long past, and of new and beautiful realities.  His cutie mark not only represents his talent for botany and nurturing, but also his flowering knowledge for what was and what will be.  He's very close with both of his mothers and, though they aren't sure how to handle his unique talent, they support him throughout his endeavors. 
Sweetie Belle + Gabby Nextgen
These two are for Starboy-Arts, hope you like!! Sorry for the delay.

"H-hi, I'm Cumulus! I really like your mane! What were we talking about?"
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male
Age: Child

Cumulus is very social, but incredibly shy.  He tries his best to socialize with new ponies, but his nerves cause him to stammer and forget what he's talking about.  He loves food, especially fish, but his need for meat causes his schoolmates to perceive him as a freak.  He doesn't stand up for himself well, and because of it he gets beat up constantly.  However, ponies who learn to get past his carnivorous nature adore his creativity and loyalty.  He loves to sing and his voice enchants anyone who listens to it.  

"HEY! Come here, mate, I'll fackin' kill ya!!"
Occupation: Student
Gender: Female
Age: Child

Bellicose is approximately 30 seconds younger than Cumulus and was born much smaller.  However, she is extremely aggressive and doesn't need an excuse to start a fight.  She cusses constantly and always causes trouble at recess, which almost always gets her sent home early.  She doesn't really like ponies invading her personal space (except for her brother, she can tolerate that) and has a bad habit of biting when she gets spooked.  This wouldn't be too bad if her mouth wasn't chock full of sharp, pointy fangs.  She will grow up to be a professional boxer after she learns to control her massive temper.
Hello again!
I have LOTS of characters I never use!  I thought I would make things easier by getting rid of them. This is an OTA, so feel free to offer points/characters/art, but I'm looking for points for most characters!
:bulletpink:If offering currency, please only offer points, no USD! I currently don't have a PayPal :(
:bulletblue:Please do not offer on any character in the NFT section OR in the Closed Species folder! If I want to trade or sell anything there, I'll make a separate journal.
:bulletpink:please do not guilt trip me if I do not accept your offer!

The characters:…

Please comment below to offer! Thank you.


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Just a high school student looking to improve myself. My main Tumblr can be found here:
Feel free to stop by and say hi!


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